Embrace the Awkward Engine! (04 Feb 2015)

So i had this kinda random Idea to create my own Game Engine…

And here it is. Still in development, some sort of awkwardness included. It is powered by C++ and SDL2, currently supports sprites and some sort of image manipulation, User Input with Controller Support, Sound and some other strange stuff. Here, have a look at this awkward UML Chart I created in order to have some sort of reference whenever I feel lost (its always a bit outdated and probably has some errors, so I always feel lost anyways.. but nevermind! :) )

The Engine’s structure is somewhat inspired by my experience with Unity and Unreal, though I’m currently having no special GUI (and I’m not really planning on having one) or any other fancy stuff (like Coroutines), of course. This weird pile of C++ Code probably will be some sort of lifelong project which I’ll expand whenever I have nothing better to do. Maybe I’ll even try to create a game with it some day. If you want to have a look at the Code, feel free to do so - it’s on GitHub. But be warned, it’s probably bad and buggy. :P