Shiny Hotel (07 Feb 2015)

In Shiny Hotel, you take control over an elevator and have to transport your hotel guests to the right floor - thats not as simple as it may sound, since most visitors won’t like each other and prefer to start fighting if you leave them alone! (Guess you won’t enjoy being alone with two zombies and a werewolf in an elevator too… ;) )

The Game was created for our IMGE (Interactive methods and devices) course, where we had to create a game using a special Controller, the so called “Cactus Device” (you can find more details about it here). So far we’ve only built it for that device, so I can’t show you a playable version yet - touchscreen support and an Android port may come in the future though!

The game was chosen to be presented at the TUM DemoDay (link), where most people seemed to enjoy it - some people even fought for the highscore! Congratulations to Manuel H. for having the highest score of the day! We’ve also presented an early Android Port of it on the Games Bavaria Vernissage 2014. :)