BugBloxx (20 May 2017)

BugBloxx is a game I’ve been working on during my time as a working student at TheraBytes. It’s a Block Puzzle game where you’ll have to use all available Bugs in order to fill every field in the level. What makes it special, is that every Bug has a unique Ability, depending on its surroundings. As an example, Grasshoppers will jump over Grass and Ants will call in more Ants when you place them close to an Anthill.

Watch the Trailer:

and get it here for Android, iOS or even for your AppleTV.
Sad 2021 Edit: Apparently the game was pulled from the stores. Dunno why, but at least the trailer remains!

I’ve mainly been working on the Mobile Port and general polishing until March, and then focused on creating new Levels and content for the first Update in May. I’ve also showcased the game at the Games Bavaria Vernissage 2017, which was lots of fun!